Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter weekend: A busy saturday!

I am one dirty woman.

Accomplished a LOT. Had a good visit with our middle son who's working on someones diesel truck on our property. No problem, it was closer for his "client" and we enjoy the conversation we we both took a break from our prospective jobs...

10-15 loads of NEW mulch from our FREE mulch piles on the trailer and ready for offload to the small food plot. Then tomorrow I'll set tomato plants. I let the soaker hose run a little too long and it's a bit too wet today. Tomorrow should be perfect. And with the topping of this mulch it should be perfect for a while.

We are currently steaming broccoli I soaked in lemon juice and fresh ground pepper right now and John will fire up the grill in a bit to grill the big Salmon fillet that has been marinading in lime/garlic/cilantro all afternoon.

John also fixed the stereo on the patio ....a nice evening playing some bluegrass and some old Boston on it.... while feeding the roo's scratch from red solo cups...

Also discovered 2 piles of "scat" (dung, manure, poop) that were pretty big ... one near the small food plot and another further in the pasture.

Folks, when you live in the country sometime identifying scat is more revealing than anything. Not that we identified it...but it was quite a large pile and nothing that I've seen before. Curious as to what is visiting. It was white but that could be from days of sitting there. If you are a "scat" expert, I'll describe it in more detail off line.

Our middle son first thought it might be wild pigs again but no apparent sign of "rooting" anywhere which usually accompanies it. And...with Farmer Gene's corn coming up that could be a possibility but none of his corn has been disturbed. Coyotes? Would be a very large coyote.... just not sure and may try to research it.

Hope your Easter Saturday is progressing as well as ours....

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