Saturday, March 9, 2013

Windy Windy...

SO.....we're back inside and finished for the day. Didn't finish all the tasks we planned to do but....THIS WIND and humidity has my hair matted and I am exhausted trying to compensate for it.... I'm tired of not being able to hear what John was trying to say 10 feet away.... and loosing things in the grass.. (a nut and lock washer to be precise) is not good either. Not to mention cloud cover and dark clouds - although we are not supposed to get rain until tomorrow.

We came in and are calling it a day.... I just started what we'll have for dinner and think I will head to the bedroom to do something I rarely get to do, read.

We are waiting for the rain.... it will be a later than planned planting here but will still be good.

We made some minor outside repairs to the coop so now it's good to go for a while...and also laid fresh hay bedding in the nesting boxes and on the ground.. which scared the heck out of the little ones at first... they all ran to one corner and piled up on each other not wanting even one piece to touch them. Now they think it's great fun to scratch and peck it and are having a ball. One of the two mama hens found her place quickly, made a "nest", laid down and went to sleep.

We also tried letting a young roo out...but the big guys were not kind. We got him back in and will try again in a week or two. In the meantime we think the hay will keep them occupied and slow down the feather picking. We have another plan to separate them to another smaller pen if we have too....

Speaking of dropping things in the grass.... like nuts, bolts and washers, etc. There HAS to be evil monsters that live there and who are fast..quickly snitching your lost item and hiding it in their secret place. I think they laugh about it too... Can anyone relate? Or have a theory? Share your thoughts on our Facebook site!

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