Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another coop

Excited simply because it is Wednesday! Weekend ahead!

John is headed to El Campos this morning to fetch another large coop someone made and is selling cheap. It will come in handy... you may well know..are clique'ish. If they don't like a hen...they'll torture death.

From the babies we bought at New Years..there are two hens that John rescued from certain death. Each are in their own smaller pens. We usually reserve these hutch type pens for chicks ... they are big enough to lay now but are in a relatively small space with no room to make a nesting place.

John tried to reintroduce them - but no luck... So when this other coop came up for sale... he knew it was perfect timing.

Hope I can muster up the energy to work in the food plot a little this evening..throat is better but energy level is in the dirt ...LOL!

Have a good day..we'll be checking in later...

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