Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The project - almost complete

I don't think our backs....and body's... will ever forgive us for taking on this project. Good news is that we have the water hose in the pool filling it. We are getting about an inch per hour. It's 52 inches tall so it will be a while. And - it looks amazing.

Next: the rest of the back yard area....but for tonight....I'm headed to take a very hot bath and finding a good book.

We will start on another section of the yard tomorrow... the rest isn't as intense as the pool project...

We got a little rain today...not much but enough to perk up the food plot. There was a pretty good sized tornado in Victoria....yikes!

Hopefully we can accomplish a few other things too this weekend...including some bags I need to make and cleaning the kitchen well....

Hope your Memorial Day weekend has been safe!

We'll see you tomorrow....

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