Thursday, August 8, 2013

Diinner on the Farm - Fresh Blackeyed peas

Dinner on the farm:

Freshly shelled (not dried) blackeyed peas with ham we scored at the farmers market in Luling we told you about....with steamed Kale and jasmine rice.

For dessert - watermelon. One of the sweetest I've had in years....thanks to the lady at the farm stand who went "a-thumping" when John requested the sweetest one in her stand.

Actually it was more like a firm "pat-pat" on the side. She was awesome and indeed had the best selection and was very nice....

This is the VERY BEST time to go to the Luling farmers market... watermelons galore, fresh peas in abundance and their home grown tomatoes are huge!

And we recommend the lady at the first market space... she was very nice...

If you live close....head on over...

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