Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's always something!

Oh my gosh.. the things that happen around here are endless....

Yesterday I came home feeling tired....but willing to stay awake to take care of things....It's much too hot to start the tiller, even at 7-8pm. Darn heat advisory! None the less there are things to do inside....

I did choose to head to the bedroom to take some much needed time to I am reading a great early historical account of this area the Texas Coastal Bend. My what problems the early settlers had. If they weren't killed and eaten by the Indians they suffered the heat, mosquitoes and disease.

Then we went to sleep a little earlier than usual...only to be awaken by another baby possum who was tooting around in our bedroom. Cute little fellows they are but not at 4:30am. They are curious and very near sighted and tend to bump into lots of things. Thunk is a better description!

And to top it off....we couldn't catch him. I wasn't in any mode to move dressers around at 4:30am. It's fine. Either he went out on his own OR he'll be caught tonight. I think these babies are getting in through a tiny opening in the bathroom. We'll fix it this weekend when we're sure the little critter is out. And then we'll find other curious openings somewhere else in this house.

John got the small animal trap out and dusted off.

Picture this: small animal trap in the bedroom that is likely to go off in the wee hours of the morning. heh. That's life here.

For dinner we made some ham salad. John boiled and peeled a dozen eggs today and of course we had ham left over from last weekend when we cooked the black eyed peas. I'll chip off most of the ham tonight and freeze it but leave a liberal amount on the bone for this weekend to cook the cream peas we also picked up last weekend.

Hope your week was great.... I'm ready for the weekend!

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