Sunday, August 18, 2013

Making homemade salsa

Today is salsa makin' day. Pear salsa, green tomato salsa and possibly fig salsa. I am making a quick brunch and then will get after it.

Then the chest freezer should be emptier..... working my way thru that one too...

We're still talking about the baby possums...

John says we are more than a mile from the river. It's not far down there...but there are 2 other houses between us and the Lavaca River and a pretty good trek for those little boogers. I am certain they are not coming back to our house and our pantry. Too many other places to get into.

I am still laying money on their birthplace (early last spring) was probably the garage and they are making it into the house from there. Mama is either dead OR pregnant again and kicked them out of "her" house or they were just big enough to forage on their own.

The trap is already set although I doubt we'll be getting anything until tonight. I am also doing laundry and will be in and out of the door to the house from the mud room to the laundry room all day. The pantry is the room opposite the laundry room.

However, I'll take these little boogers over the snake in the house!

Also finished the quilt top last night and need to get it laid out with batting and backing and start quilting it.

Is it nap time yet?

Quite disappointed that we may not get any of the rain next week from the system that was forming in the gulf ... God bless those readers who are currently getting drenched ... stay safe please!

Hope your Sunday is good.... off to the kitchen!

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