Friday, August 30, 2013


WOW ... it's starting to look like we're productive around here again!

The tiller of course needed some maintenance. John to the rescue, carb. problem...? Managed to get 1/3 of the garden tilled before the 'skeeters tried to cart me to the lake and dunk me.

John got to make some more passes on the very tall, and very beautiful Gordo pasture before he ran out of daylight.

The pasture grass that we have is sometimes called Gordo. I've heard it called King Ranch Red Tipped too. I am not sure of the "official" name.

Right now it's very tall and thick. But...we don't have enough for anyone to bail or at least no one wants to come get it anymore. There is at least 2 acres of straight run (no obstacles) and another acre or so that you'd have to move in and around trees.

Sort of ashamed to shred it down.

I think we're headed to the shower pretty quickly. We both sweated our buns off in this hot summer sun and took showers with mosquito spray...coupled that with gas from the tiller and carb cleaner ... oh yeah!

Tomatoes will be set tomorrow and fall garden planted by sundown....

And John's famous ribs ....

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