Saturday, August 10, 2013

What's a tarp?

Finally getting home after a trip to Houston to meet up with a gentleman who had a welding machine on Craigslist ... and we took our time after we picked up the welding machine.

And - we had to find a tarp to cover it as a pretty good rain storm was coming up on us quickly...and the welder was in the bed of the pick up.

SO.... John dropped me at a Gucci Academy store to run in and get a small tarp while he went to find gas...(we were getting the "low fuel" indicator beeps at the same time)...

When I walked into Academy...the "greeter" ..a very nice young man said "Welcome to Academy!"...

I asked him "Do you know where the tarps are located?"

In which he replied "What's a tarp?" ...

Shaking my head.....

I commented "And you work for Academy?"

"Yes mam!" he cheerfully replied.

Wait! Here's the good part! It took 5 people to assist me...5.

One other young man asked me "How big is a tarp?"


Walking fast up and down the aisles I found them myself...
Still shaking my head...and quickly made my way thru the check out and out the door. John was just pulling up...perfect timing and it was only just starting to sprinkle.

With the tarp secured I made my next quick stop at a Whole Foods right next door, snagged a gallon of Real Milk and we were on our way home.

Think I should send Academy corporate a customer service message? Their service was excellent...nice a polite....but ...Academy employees not knowing what a tarp was much less where it was?

Or just blow it off as ......

Your comments are welcomed!

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