Sunday, September 22, 2013

After the rains

John ventured out today after the tropical downpour to fix the chains on the 3 point hitch to the tractor that holds the shredder in place. For leveling. And then headed into the pasture to "test" it.

Now I'm thinking....well it's a good time for me to venture out to the garden that I am sure is well soaked....and if he is shredding perhaps it isn't too bad.

Well for the most part it isn't but I did have to wade water to get to the garden. And yes the garden is well soaked but everything still looks good.

And the okra has gone crazy! I got at least a couple of pounds or more of okra and noticed we have some good sized tomatoes already and that we can probably have spinach at the end of this week.

The okra however is HUGE. I am freezing it and will either try pressure cooking it OR dehydrating it to see if that makes it less woody or stringy tough.

Any other suggestions on what to do when your okra gets HUGE?

Other than feeding it to the chickens ...which is also a thought but I want to try to make it a food source for us first.....

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