Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sloch Slosh

I managed to make it out to the garden. Slosh-Slosh as I was getting out there but NICE once I got thru the gate.

harvest again of green beans and okra, clipped enough spinach for dinner and probably have 30+ lbs of tomatoes. Some are starting to turn red. Just hope this front that is coming in midweek doesn't drop to frost temps. It is supposed to be high 30's and much cooler temps and plenty of sunshine does great things out there.

Oh and MOSQUITOES! It was a blood letting day. I would have stayed longer but the mosquitoes were horrible.... this quick run was worth it and I had to get out there to get the beans and okra....but I had to cut the trip short..!

Plan to clip the spinach down a lot later this week to get a heavy regrowth and will be sharing with the community when I do. I have a couple of families in mind....

Sauerkraut it perfect.... it's been warm in the house and it tastes divine. Not too sour or salty and still a little crunchy... I plan to can it tonight. Next batch tho I may let it go a little longer....maybe not tho. This is some good stuff...Wish I had some good deer sausage links to go with it...

John is outside working on the green machine. Remember a couple of weeks ago he got it running again but it died when he was on the trip to the back of the property ...and was in the road?

I expect he'll have it running in no time. It runs...for a minute or two then dies. He's got this tho. He's a great mechanic to have on a hobby farm.

Headed back outside but staying close to the house. Seems like the mosquitoes are not as bad.... I just wish we'd get a breeze...

All for now....we'll check in again later...

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