Monday, November 11, 2013


So this evening I HAD to "test" the sauerkraut....with some sausage and it is wonderful!! I'd love to start another batch...this time I will do much more but waiting until cabbage prices come down OR I can snag some locally grown.

And with the cooler temps expected I am sure it will take much longer than this batch took to ferment.

Also spent the afternoon making fresh pasta.... enough to supply us for a little while. One batch of whole wheat spaghetti and two double batches of spinach elbows. It's currently in the dehydrator drying.

John managed to get the green machine working again although there are still some problems - he made several trips with bucket loads of sand to fill the hole in the front.

Back to the 9-5 for me in the morning.....and I need to scoot in the bag room to fill an order before I go to bed....

Stay warm everyone this week!

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