Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring weather this weekend...short lived I am sure..

Good evening everyone! It's going to be a great weekend here....sunny and in the 70's... FINALLY! I plan to get a lot of outside time in the sun!

My boss sent me home after a long meeting yesterday but before the afternoon I was suffering from a cluster headache. Had not had one in YEARS but knew the signs and was going to be in trouble quickly if I didn't get headed towards home with a pill and a caffeine laden soda. Odd for me but anything to get rid of the pain. I am very tired of fighting bronchial crud....and John is tired of being tired of being sick as well. So..tomorrow I hope the healing power of the SUN gets us back in shape.

Today I went to the local (30 miles away) drivers license renewal place as my license expires in about a week. I don't have my ss card and had a long list of required documents to take if you couldn't show your ss number.

So for about a week I gathered all sorts of docs and had them in a nice folder ready to whip out when they asked.

They didn't ask for a thing. I was glad and it didn't take hours to do...I was in an out. Just hope it comes in before I have to fly again as I don't want to fight TSA with a cut drivers license that will be expired by then and a paper replacement.

Our chicks have really grown and are outgrowing the chick pen in the mud room so we'll be out getting ready to move them into the mini-coop this weekend. Oye ve they are huge messes too...I will be glad to get them moved.

Currently in the ugly stage where they are just getting their real feathers but still have some chick fuzz. Kind of cute but not.... for those who have chickens you know what I mean....

So what do you have planned this weekend??

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Starting spring tomatoes...

Good evening everyone! This weekend we got tomatoes started in the little homemade seed holders....a week late but with John sick last week, he took priority, not the tomatoes. One day out from ideal planting by the moon.

Today thru Thursday I am on another adventure for the 9-5....this time in Corpus Christi! My room is way up on the 15th floor overlooking Corpus Christi bay. Beautiful! Earlier it was a balmy 70 with sunny skies....but as I went down to hang a parking tag on my mirror in the Suburban it is cooling down quite a bit....

For me though, the most beautiful sight is the wind turbine farm across the bay.... there are a lot of those huge things! Very graceful as they turn....

Unfortunately...I am holed up in my room tonight with a slight fever trying to fight a cold before training and meetings the next 2 days.... I have essential oils with me....

This time I got smart! (she did??) And brought my personal laptop too.... : )

What's cooking in your neck of the woods..??