Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dinner on the Farm: Grilled chicken tenders

How about Grilled chicken tenders tonight, spinach mushroom couscous and a fresh salad?

Yes, I think that is what we'll have for Dinner on the farm....

Got home a half hour ago and made the spinach/mushroom couscous.... have chicken tenders seasoned and ready for the grill and of course the salad is a snap to make.

Need to change from 9-5 clothes to "on the farm" clothes and get out into the garden. Praying for rain. There is a slim chance we could get a drop or two over the next couple of days.

And we need to get the shredder put together. With the drought there isn't much need to shred...but the weeds are sprouting up and it looks messy.

Our local winery Lavaca Bluffs Winery and Vineyard just bottled some of my favorite wine and we might head over there this weekend.

Other than that we are just hanging out and not trying to over do it in this heat. Funny, just a month ago we were still having fronts...not the temperature is creeping up into the low 90's during the day.

Hope your week has been great...and again, God bless our readers in N. Florida. You're getting wet although the wind isn't supposed to blow that's still a mess. TS's can do as much if not more damage that Cat 1 hurricanes...