Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A little farm humor for today

Heard thru the grapevine...


A big city boy preaching in a small country town wanted to learn everything “country” so that he could fit in. As he was searching for Rural Living hobby farm, he got lost on the back roads. He saw a farmer walking into his barn so he stopped for directions.

The farmer was just beginning to milk his cow but took time out to tell the young man how to get to the Rural Living hobby farm. “By the way, ” he asked, “Do you know what time it is?” The farmer leaned in to the udder of the cow and said, “12:30.”

The young man started to leave but he just HAD to know. He told him, “Hey, I’ve just moved from the city and I really want to know the ways of the country. How could you tell what time it was?”

“Sit right here on this stool, son.” The young man did.

“Now, grab hold of that udder.” the young man. (Before this, his closest experience to this was grabbing a milk carton).

“Now lean into the cow and lift up on the udder.” He did.

“Lean over and look right over there on that wall. See that’s a clock. When the little hand is on the 12…”A little farm humor

Hot South Texas

HOLY Guacamole! It's HOT in South Texas and humid! We were out working on the gear box for the shredder...John got it put back together. We need to pull the old gear box off but just that work made us sweaty and out of energy.

We will be headed to the pool in a little bit.....

I also have 10 bags to pull together this evening. Most of the bags are cut to size, just need to sew them up.

You can certainly tell when summer weather is upon us...the sun on your skin feels different.

Just made a trip to the garden. Decided to stake up the two big tomato plants at the end of the first row where I saw the snake yesterday. Took John along who was glad to supervise and assist. No sign of said snake...and again, I betcha he vacated the premises when he saw me. Like John said "I bet he has been in and out a dozen times since you saw him yesterday." Comforting. I will take a hoe in hand just in case i see him again to "encourage" him to move away if he doesn't do it on his own. I don't want to kill him as he IS beneficial. Just don't like to rub elbows with him....

Hope you weekend was great!