Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rain Rain Thunder and Rain

Rain Rain Thunder and Rain!

The tomatoes I had to water all week are really enjoying it. Cool weather spinach is starting to sprout and while I haven't be into the food plot I imagine there are other things that are either starting to come up or will in the next day or two!

Every window I look out....I can see dark clouds. Occasionally we hear yet another thunder grumble from a lightning strike in the distance that immediately prompts Chuckie to attempt to bark it away...

Between showers the Chickens are in the yard and pasture taking advantage of the feast of bugs that are forced from under the thatch that has built up under the grasses, trying to avoid drowning as the rain comes down. It's an easy feed for them today.

And it's much cooler today than it has been in quite a while because of the rain although I expect once the rain is gone it will be swamp hot again and the mosquitoes will be hanging around the doors just looking for a chance to come find us inside.

We went out on Friday, our usual "date night" and met up with a co-worker from my 9-5 who works at a different location in a different division and whom I had not met before but who I partner with daily. Sometimes several times a day....

That dinner led to a trip to her house about 15-20 miles from here on Saturday. She had purchased a little house on 2.5 beautiful acres and was having water well problems. The "professionals" were going to charge her a trip charge and possibly charge her out the wazoo to fix a simple problem. She had lost the air space "head" on her tank that was causing water pressure problems.

John fixed it in no time.....and then wanted to go play pool at a little place between her house and ours that we go to occasionally. We got in late...

So, it's been a busy week here and today I have to make more bags to fill the latest orders then start on some I've promised in exchange for saving the raw bags for me. We need to cut down and roll the new ones that have some in. I bet there is a hundred or more.

We'll be around and will check in from time to time....

Hope your weekend was a great as ours has far..

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Tomato plants are in.... a good portion of the garden tilled and several rows are made. Between the heat and mosquitoes ....and I'll admit AGE.... it's progressing - although slower than I'd like.

Took an excursion of the property and what John has managed to get shredded. It's amazing how beautiful our property is...especially the pasture is when the grass is mature. And when there is a slight breeze....

We are both kaput.

I am grateful to be in the south where we can literally grow food all year long. As the years go by it takes a little more out of us to get it done and a little more time... but the end result makes all the hard work...worth it.

I am cleaning the kitchen, showering and headed to the back to work on a quilt....see you tomorrow.