Saturday, October 19, 2013

What's lye? oh my.

Well the garden visit was quite nice. John had french fries for the Roosters....who created havoc to anything and everything that got in their way. When french fries are presented, roo's tend to perform a "me first" circus. Oh wait...that's their normal behavior.

I got some much needed weeding done and a little more seed sprinkled. If the weather holds the temp (high 70's low 80's plenty of sun) for the next 10-15 days we'll be all good. Our window in South Texas is narrowing but there are always some cold weather planting that will work .... so long as you have sunny days to warm the soil.

The moisture content is PERFECT. Not soggy and quite moist. FINALLY.

I hope to get back out there tomorrow to get a little more done and enjoy the sun.

In other news I picked up some lye today. Odd how folks in the stores don't have a clue what it is. One girl asked with a real puzzled look "What's lye?" John suggested I pull a good one and tell them it was the opposite of truth....

Now I've never made soap before. My friend at the 4 Pound Ranch makes EXCELLENT goat milk soap and I'd like to try my hand at some olive oil soap. Years ago John and I went to Florida and while we were there we visited Tarpon Springs. There was a great little niche shop that sold the absolute best homemade olive oil soap I've ever used. It was pricey but worth it.

Since then I've wanted to try to make it. And while I know about the basics.... I've never done it. I do know to add the lye to the water but beyond that I don't know about sponification (sp) or all those fancy things you need to know about.

So this evening I will be researching. How to make soap. With what I have. And what I might can obtain cheaply or quickly. Those containers of lye may have created a monster.

I also have pure Shea butter and of course can get Coconut oil.

Who makes soap? What can you tell me?