Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chrismas Eve on the Farm

Hope everyone has had a sweet Christmas Eve. I worked until noon, and didn't get out of the branch until much later - staying to help close it. Think our coworkers had another thing on their mind when they boogied as soon as they had finished their own business. I didn't mind - they are young with places to go....

Arrived home and decided to visit a local, home cooked style Mexican restaurant owned by a friend. Was great to have her come out the the kitchen for hugs. And the food is always wonderful.

Then went to Wal-mart to use more coupons on some discounted canned goods. Over the weekend it was for Cream of Mushroom that we got for .40c a can after the coupon. This time it was for evaporated milk - great to keep around especially in an emergency. The big cans at .47c a can, almost a full dollar off. This time I shared coupons with another lady who was there as we can print a few more. This time of the year is perfect for stockpiling - generally grocers discount the holiday overstock and you can find lots of coupons.

While in Wal-mart of course we ran into lots of friends I don't get to see often now that I work outside of the county. That was sweet. Very sweet.

And then we came home with a bag full of french fries for the chickens to feed one by one. It's a big train wreck when we do, quite comical and was the first chance I have had to do that in a long while.

John has rented Redbox movies, we have a chicken out to roast tomorrow and for now.....I think for a very long time....I will find my softies and curl up with a quilt and do.....absolutely....nothing.

Stay safe everyone and from the Rural Living farm to yours... Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

What a crazy fall this has been!

Oh my GOSH what an insane Fall this has been! All of it has been good but it's kept us in drop and go mode for a long time.

It all started in September when we posted that I had accepted an amazing position at a regional Credit Union as a cross trained "banker" and I welcomed the opportunity to join a company I had tried for years to get a job with. YEARS. I had sent a resume each and every time they had a position posted in our Crossroads area that I fit - for at least 7 years and that was a LOT of resumes. It came with a fantastic package offer - we were blessed.

With this new company my schedule radically changed as they have extended hours and weekends. And with new out of town training thrown in - it's been a bit of an adjustment. Once we caught our breath and could schedule around it we were on our feet again. It took printing out schedules for the house, dragging out crock-pots, and buying the smoker but we accomplished that goal or at least made some good headway.

Then in early November our son married this incredible young woman in NYC but it took additional time to plan this trip as well. We shared pictures with you...You always need clothes, travel items, etc. This was all worth the effort as well - the wedding was wonderful! Unfortunate for us we only had 48 hours to experience Evan and Ashley's wedding and NYC but it was a 48 hours I will remember for ever! And oddly enough this Rural woman is ready to return. When it's warmer. For longer than 48 hours.

All during this time the feed bag tote business ramped up and I mean really ramped up. We experienced a 300% increase over the last years orders...SO - I'd get home from work, eat and head to the bag room most days. No complaints at all but it just meant we were still going to be on drop and run mode. I even had orders that came in while we were sitting at JFK in NYC waiting on the plane.

Sundays we still held out for Farm Sunday but that has only meant laundry was done and the refrigerator emptied and little more - other than sewing up additional bags from weekend orders..

And with the holidays here - we do very little holiday shopping, but we do attend events. Those are down time for us. However this year it has been very selective what we are doing and where we are attending.

Now - schedules at work have evened out. While we have a few more training sessions - they are local. My holiday sales on feed bags has dropped tremendously and I think the biggest part of my season is over. I bought a Franklin planner again to be able to keep up, plan out meals and schedule days outside around weather days as we need to get back out to shred and get the garden area pulled together for a spring garden. And the planner will help me to bank in days to start raking out this house.

So to all of you - THANK YOU for sticking around while we were in the middle of chaos and not able to post many updates. It's been a challenge but I truly believe challenges are GOOD for you. Once you overcome the challenge the sense of accomplishment is wonderful! -- Yes you can! --

Now - to take care of a few more items in the home office then it's into the kitchen to start raking it out first. And that my friends may take all day.....

Happy Holidays to all.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Possum in the pantry - again

So yesterday as I was preparing to go to my 9-5, I made my sandwich and went into the pantry to get a can of soup to add to my lunch bag.

Our house is a typical ranch style floor plan. Kitchen on one end of the house, bedrooms on the other. Off the kitchen and in between the kitchen and the garage is a mud room that also allows access to a walk in pantry room and on the other side another full bathroom that is also a laundry room. Very nice.

I opened the door to the pantry and there was the possum. Another possum in the pantry, on the shelf. It can't help itself to anything - it's all sealed and safe. I told it that I was just coming to get my soup and it might as well go hide for now and that we'd have a good meal for it later today in the small animal trap. It slowly crawled down from the shelf and hid behind some boxes on the floor.

Then I left a note for John on the coffee pot. Possum in the pantry.

The door from the mudroom to the garage has a small gap under it. Well, apparently not so small. I think that is where the possum's get it. Yes possums. It's not unusual to find a critter in the pantry in the late summer. Especially if we've had a hot and dry summer. Last year we caught 8 babies. The one we caught last night was about the same size as we have had in the house over the years.

We used to find them in the main bathroom. Once we figured out how they were coming in (bathtub enclosure had come loose and we didn't know it).... and fixed it that solved the possum in the bathroom problem.

I guess it's time to fix that gap. I imagine though they'll find another way to get into this old farmhouse once we do.