Saturday, September 6, 2014

Possum in the pantry - again

So yesterday as I was preparing to go to my 9-5, I made my sandwich and went into the pantry to get a can of soup to add to my lunch bag.

Our house is a typical ranch style floor plan. Kitchen on one end of the house, bedrooms on the other. Off the kitchen and in between the kitchen and the garage is a mud room that also allows access to a walk in pantry room and on the other side another full bathroom that is also a laundry room. Very nice.

I opened the door to the pantry and there was the possum. Another possum in the pantry, on the shelf. It can't help itself to anything - it's all sealed and safe. I told it that I was just coming to get my soup and it might as well go hide for now and that we'd have a good meal for it later today in the small animal trap. It slowly crawled down from the shelf and hid behind some boxes on the floor.

Then I left a note for John on the coffee pot. Possum in the pantry.

The door from the mudroom to the garage has a small gap under it. Well, apparently not so small. I think that is where the possum's get it. Yes possums. It's not unusual to find a critter in the pantry in the late summer. Especially if we've had a hot and dry summer. Last year we caught 8 babies. The one we caught last night was about the same size as we have had in the house over the years.

We used to find them in the main bathroom. Once we figured out how they were coming in (bathtub enclosure had come loose and we didn't know it).... and fixed it that solved the possum in the bathroom problem.

I guess it's time to fix that gap. I imagine though they'll find another way to get into this old farmhouse once we do.

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