Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chrismas Eve on the Farm

Hope everyone has had a sweet Christmas Eve. I worked until noon, and didn't get out of the branch until much later - staying to help close it. Think our coworkers had another thing on their mind when they boogied as soon as they had finished their own business. I didn't mind - they are young with places to go....

Arrived home and decided to visit a local, home cooked style Mexican restaurant owned by a friend. Was great to have her come out the the kitchen for hugs. And the food is always wonderful.

Then went to Wal-mart to use more coupons on some discounted canned goods. Over the weekend it was for Cream of Mushroom that we got for .40c a can after the coupon. This time it was for evaporated milk - great to keep around especially in an emergency. The big cans at .47c a can, almost a full dollar off. This time I shared coupons with another lady who was there as we can print a few more. This time of the year is perfect for stockpiling - generally grocers discount the holiday overstock and you can find lots of coupons.

While in Wal-mart of course we ran into lots of friends I don't get to see often now that I work outside of the county. That was sweet. Very sweet.

And then we came home with a bag full of french fries for the chickens to feed one by one. It's a big train wreck when we do, quite comical and was the first chance I have had to do that in a long while.

John has rented Redbox movies, we have a chicken out to roast tomorrow and for now.....I think for a very long time....I will find my softies and curl up with a quilt and do.....absolutely....nothing.

Stay safe everyone and from the Rural Living farm to yours... Merry Christmas.

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