Saturday, April 18, 2015

Severe weather wrecking havoc

Well I guess the old adage is correct - when it rains it pours. It has poured on and off for days now, a continuation of what has been a very wet late winter and early spring. Severe thunderstorms, tornado's and hail.

John told me yesterday that we are no longer officially in a drought. I believe it.

It took me more than an hour to get home yesterday, a drive that usually takes just over 30 minutes. I had pulled over twice to wait for the heavy rain go by before attempting to drive home. Once on the interstate it was slow going at 40mph or slower behind an 18 wheeler who had it's emergency flashers going. It was my God send since I couldn't see the road. I also put my flashers on and so did the others behind me, one by one.

Our food plot is not planted simply because I have been working 3 out of 4 weekends but with a vacation coming up I knew we could still plant some things and be ok. I am glad now we have had to wait.

For those who have a garden in, these storms are beating them to death or drowning them. John walked out to the pasture to get something out of the truck yesterday and literally waded ankle deep if not deeper water all the way out. The food plot is trashed and nothing would likely survive very long right now had we had the opportunity to plant for a spring harvest.

The truck is in the pasture because we just bought a smaller homemade trailer from someone. Pretty close to a 5x8, maybe a little shorter. Perfect size for the riding mower and I have wanted one the size of this one for a long while to haul smaller mulch loads and to load up with limbs to haul to the burn pile. This one is built with a higher ground clearance - an excellent feature! It's a good thing the truck has a lift package with mud tires.  

I have the weekend off but plan to meet up with some women friends later this afternoon. When I took Chuckie out for his morning excursion one of the free range hens fly up to the table next to me and into my arms. I guess that was her way of saying she was glad I was home. Was a nice way to start the day off. 

Yes little hen, I miss you too - more than you could ever know.

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